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Aurora Borealis Scented Candle | 8oz Candle Jar | Lotus & Green Tea & Lavender Scents | Northern Light Souvenir | Night Sky Charm | Amazing Soft Scents | Perfect Aurora Lovers Gift

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Beneath the celestial tapestry of the Arctic sky, the Aurora Borealis Scented Candle awaits to transform your home into a sanctuary of peace and romance. Each 8oz candle jar, infused with the essence of Lotus, Green Tea, and Lavender, is a tribute to the night sky’s most enchanting phenomenon.

A Story of Light and Fragrance As you light the wick, imagine the aurora’s luminous ribbons unfurling across the heavens. The candle’s glow is a reflection of this natural wonder, its flame dancing with the same silent poetry as the northern lights themselves.

Crafted for Harmony

  • Wax Composition: A blend of paraffin and stearin, chosen for their clean burn and eco-friendly qualities.
  • Essential Oils: Generously laced within the wax for a scent that lingers long after the flame is extinguished.
  • Glass Sanctuary: The sturdy jar, topped with a golden lid, is a vessel for both the fragrance and the memories it creates.
  • Burn Time: Each candle offers 8 to 10 hours of serene illumination, akin to the endless Arctic nights.

A Vision of the North Wrapped around the jar, a transparent label bears the captivating Aurora Borealis View, a promise of the tranquility and beauty that awaits within.

Guidance for Use

  • Trim the Wick: Keep it short to let the aurora’s light shine brightest.
  • Handle with Care: The jar, like the night sky, can be warm to the touch.
  • Safety First: Keep the candle’s glow safe from the wind’s whisper and children’s reach.
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